Get a mortgage built for your business.

​Finance a property, expand your warehouse or even build the storefront of your dreams. We help you grow your way.

​​What kind of mortgage are you looking for?

Business Mortgage


Get a competitive interest rate with flexible payment options.

Great For:
  • Investment properties
  • Office space
  • Storefronts

Business Construction Mortgage


Building from the ground up? Get the financing you need for every step of the build.

Great For:
  • Multi-family residential project (condo or townhouse)
  • Industrial warehouse
  • Office buildings
  • Retail shopping centres

Are you covered if things don't go to plan?

​Protect your workplace or commercial property from damage or natural disasters with a comprehensive insurance policy.

​Enjoy the advantages of a Blueprint Bank Business Mortgage

  • ​Great rate, guaranteed for 120 days – If the posted rate changes during the 120 days, you’ll get the lower rate.
  • Pick your rate – Select from a range of variable and fixed interest rates, depending on your needs.
  • Pay it down faster – Make optional prepayments (up to 10% of the original amount each year) to pay down your mortgage faster.
  • ​Personalized support – Our team of mortgage experts will make sure you have tailored advice and a plan for every step of the process.
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance – Get a low rate (and peace of mind) on mortgage insurance.

Need a hand?

​Financing a property is a big decision. Let our Mortgage Specialists ensure you make the right choices.

Mortgage Calculator

​Choose a mortgage rate and determine the payment option that works for you.

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